Tool to ease the creation of Gentoo Xen domU's. It's based on the idea to automate all the steps from a typical stage3 installation.

This project is currently under heavy development. Expect all kinds of troubles!


gentoo-bootstrap uses configuration files in /etc/gentoo-bootstrap. Currently, there is no way to specify values other than domU name and FQDN at the command line. An interactive prompt may be added later.

There are some sample configurations in doc/configs. As a bare minimum you want the following settings:

arch = amd64

layout = simple
type = filesystem

disks = 1
disk0_mount = /
disk0_device = /tmp/bootstrap

if you prefer (or have to use) static network configuration, change the [network] block to

config =
gateway =
dns_servers =,,
bridge = br0

You can use the resolv_domain and resolv_search options to specify the default domain and the dns search list.

A more advanced configuration file is shipped as the sample-advanced.cfg in the tarball.

Defining custom storage

disks = 2
disk0_mount = /
disk0_size = 20G
disk0_fs = ext4
disk0_name = %(name)s-hdd0
disk0_device = /dev/xvda1
disk1_mount =
disk1_size = 512M
disk1_fs = swap
disk1_name = %(name)s-swap
disk1_device = /dev/xvda2

The storage_simple block defines a standard layout and is referenced by the layout = simple option in the [storage] block.

To create a custom virtual hard disk schema, create a custom [storage_foo] block following the same schema as storage_simple and reference it via the layout option in the main [storage] block.

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