, Johann Schmitz

In the last week, we moved the last-hope gentoo portage overlay from our self-hosted subversion repository to Github to make it easier for others to contribute and participate. If you had installed the overlay via layman before, you should get a notification from layman that the source for the repository has changed. You should be able to re-add the overlay via layman -d last-hope && layman -a last-hope after your next sync (needs +git on app-portage/layman). In the next few days/weeks we will polish and clean up the repository. The distfiles remain on our server until we have decided what to do with them.

If you have fixes/additions to the last-hope overlay, just fork the repository on Github and send a pull request. We will happily merge them!

If you have any troubles with the new location of the overlay or the ebuilds within please let us know in the comments or in the Issue Tracker on Github.